What is co-working?

You might be thinking that a coworking is equivalent to a shared office environment. It is in fact more than that! Coworking is not just about sharing infrastructure, more importantly, it emphasises on belonging to a community, accessibility and sustainability. It is a flexible working space designed to provide a productive and collaborative environment for the dynamic inhabitants.

Expand Your Network,
Collaborate and Voila!

As a resident, you can enjoy the coworking space within the building without any additional cost. Whether you are running your own business, have a work from home contract or are studying, the coworking space is perfect for you to get things done. Residents who are utilising the space probably face the same problem as you, success is a step closer when ideas and opinions are shared among each other.

All You Need in One Place

Need a space for a teleconference? Use the private meeting room with battle-tested WiFi to avoid any disruptions. When we say “all you need”, we mean that there is also a copier room complete with an all-in-one printer that allows you to print, photocopy and scan.

We understand that work can be stressful sometimes. De-stress by grabbing a book to read in the library or chit chat with your friends in the cosy discussion area at any time.

What’s included


Meeting Room

Open Office


Discussion Area

Relaxation Zone



Enquire Now

Would you like to see our space before joining? Come and visit our coworking space. Please fill out the form and our manager will get back asap.